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Duncan Aviation Permanently Displays Retired Learjet 35 Time Capsule

Posted by Danielle Kavan on Thu, Oct 30, 2014 @ 01:34 PM

Nearly four decades ago, Duncan Aviation bought its first Learjet 35. Today, the retired jet made the shift to sculpture as it was placed on permanent display along the main entrance drive of Duncan Aviation’s Lincoln, Nebraska, facility.

In 1976, this Learjet 35 allowed a person to reach places and carry more than any other prior business jet could achieve. Now, those parts and components have been sold and all that’s left of the Lear is a shell.

During the past five months, team members wrote messages inside the Learjet, creating a unique time capsule that captured the experiences of anyone who piloted, flew in, worked on, purchased and delivered parts for, cleaned, fueled and towed this piece of Duncan Aviation history.


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Duncan Aviation Conducts Coat Drive to Benefit Local Community

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Wed, Oct 29, 2014 @ 10:39 AM


Recently, Duncan Aviation partnered with Raising Cane’s and organized a coat drive for the People’s City Mission of Lincoln, Nebraska. The drive resulted in 119 coat donations to keep others in the community warm this winter.

This is Duncan Aviation's first year partnering with Raising Cane's, which is in its eigth year running the coat drive. The goal is to raise 2,500 coats in 2014, and Duncan Aviation saw this as an opportunity to combine our green initiatives with our strong support of volunteerism in the community to help Raising Cane’s reach its goal.

Generous team members cleaned out their coat closets and brought in one or more coats in exchange for a Buy One Get One coupon from Raising Cane’s.

“Coats can be taken directly to all three Raising Cane's Lincoln, locations during the month of October, but many of our team members live out of town and don’t have the opportunity to drop off coats. Duncan Aviation made it convenient for team members to participate by collecting coats on-site,” says Kaela Paseka, lead graphics designer at Duncan Aviation and a member of the Green Team.

Four years ago Duncan Aviation brought a group of team members together from all across the company with the goal of researching and implementing "green" initiatives that will save energy and money, reduce waste and give precise focus to innovative efforts, as well as strategic priorities. As a group, they wanted not only to impact change while at work, but also to encourage change in the daily lives of all Duncan Aviation team members. Their message is that even small changes can have a large impact.

This year, Duncan Aviation's Green Team has devised a plan to remove Styrofoam cups from break rooms beginning in 2015 and will continue to provide education to team members on how to go green, find recycling locations, track down donation sites and brush up on recycling facts.

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Duncan Aviation at NBAA: That's a Wrap

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Fri, Oct 24, 2014 @ 11:49 AM

More than 26,000 people from 49 U.S. states and 95 countries around the world attended NBAA14 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, that included 1,100 exhibitors and 100 aircraft on static display.

And it was all kicked off during the Opening Session with this…

Lee Bowes, Duncan Aviation Regional Manager, officially kicked off NBAA14 with a beautiful rendition of The National Anthem.


During NBAA, we offered a comfortable place to sit and the opportunity to talk to our most valuable assets: our people. Because tt is our people and their relationships that allow us to rise above the rest. 

Over the last three days, hundreds of aviation professionals, operators, enthusiasts and even students came to visit us at our booth and hundreds more went to static and got a personal look and tour of this Embraer Legacy 600 that Duncan Aviation completely refurbished both inside and out, performed a 96-month inspection and installed Wi-Fi for Embraer Executive Jet’s PreFlown division. At time-lapse video can be viewed here:


As always, we had fun at NBAA. We hope you did too. Have a look at our NBAA photo album below. 


Duncan Aviation’s 2014 NBAA Awards


Read more about it here


If you stopped by and talked to us this year, "Thank You!"

Please take a moment and share with us your favorite Duncan Aviation experience and relationship. 

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Day 3: Duncan Aviation at NBAA—Static

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Thu, Oct 23, 2014 @ 11:42 AM

It is day three of NBAA! Have you been to Static?

Take a trip to the Orlando Executive Airport and drop by NARA static display–220 and check out this Embraer Legacy 600. It has been completely refurbished both inside and out with a 96-month inspection and Wi-Fi.

Click on photos to enlarge. 


Along with its incredible physical transformation, the aircraft boasts a new Aircell GoGo Biz Broadband solution, as well as the Aviator 200 Swift Broadband solution alongside several custom additions, creating an efficient, effective, comfortable business jet.


We also paired up with Embraer Executive Jet’s PreFlown division to develop a timelapse video showcasing what it takes to inspect and update an Embraer Legacy 600. To watch the video, visit


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Day 2: Duncan Aviation at NBAA—And The Award Goes To…

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Wed, Oct 22, 2014 @ 04:13 PM

During the first two days of the 2014 National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Meeting and Convention in Orlando, Florida, Duncan Aviation has been recognized separately by three OEMs as a top dealer.

Duncan Aviation’s 2014 NBAA Awards

Duncan Aviation President Aaron Hilkemann was present to accept many of these awards and believes they represent the great relationships Duncan Aviation shares with its OEM partners. “Duncan Aviation is founded on the principle of working together with all of our OEM partners to provide our mutual customers with an experience unlike any other in the business jet market.”


(L to R) John Slieter, Robert Duncan, Joachim Naimer, Paul DeHerreraClick to enlarge

Universal Avionics 2014 Top Dealer in North America

During an in-booth reception on Wednesday, Universal Avionics awarded Duncan Aviation the 2014 Top Dealer in North America. This is the third consecutive year Duncan Aviation has received this honor. 

This award represents the outstanding performance of only one North American dealer out of several hundred in its Authorized Dealer network.

Universal Avionics President and Chairman Joachim "Ted" Naimer and CEO Paul DeHerrera presented the award to Duncan Aviation’s Chairman Emeritus Robert Duncan and John Slieter, Duncan Aviation Vice President of Sales.


2014 Bombardier Authorized Service Facility Excellence Award for North America


(L to R) Aaron Hilkemann, Todd Duncan and Robert Duncan. Click to enlarge

Also on Wednesday, Duncan Aviation’s Provo, Utah, facility was recognized by Bombardier as the top authorized service facility in North America for its superior support of Bombardier customers.

Duncan Aviation's Aaron Hilkemann, Chairman and CEO Todd Duncan and Robert Duncan, accepted the award from Stan Younger, Bombardier Business Aircraft Vice President, Service Centers and Chris Milligan, Director, Authorized Service Facilities for Bombardier.

This is the fourth year in a row that a Duncan Aviation facility has received this award. In previous years, Duncan Aviation’s full service facilities in Battle Creek, Michigan, and Lincoln, Nebraska, have been recognized.

TrueNorth Top Tier Dealer for 2014


(L to R) Jeff Beutel, TrueNorth Regional Sales Manager, John Slieter, Mark van Berkel.  Click to enlarge

Duncan Aviation received recognition Tuesday afternoon from TrueNorth Avionics as one of the company’s Top Tier Dealers for 2014, representing TrueNorth’s Simphone product line.

John Slieter accepted the award from TrueNorth’s CEO Mark van Berkel.

More than 30 Duncan Aviation representatives are attending NBAA this year, representing several Duncan Aviation services, including airframe and engine servicespaint and interior modificationsavionics and parts support and aircraft sales and acquisitions.

Stop by the Duncan Aviation NBAA booth #208 to congratulate the team.

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Day 1: Duncan Aviation at NBAA—Let The Games Begin...

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Tue, Oct 21, 2014 @ 01:34 PM

It is opening day of the 2014 National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Meeting and Convention in Orlando, Florida, and the excitement is palpable among the 1,000 show exhibitors.


In Duncan Aviation’s booth (#208) hundreds of business jet owners and operators and NBAA attendees have already stopped by to talk to the Duncan Aviation representatives attending NBAA this year, representing several Duncan Aviation services, including airframe and engine servicespaint and interior modificationsavionics and parts support and aircraft sales and acquisitions.

NBAA Static

Don't forget to stop by the by the NARA section of the static display and check out this Embraer Legacy 600 that features a Duncan Aviation 96-month inspection including, full paint and Wi-Fi. Or watch the transformation here on this incredible time-lapse video


Lee Bowes, Duncan Aviation Regional Manager

Oh Say Can You See...

During the Opening General Session Duncan Aviation’s own Lee Bowes sang the National Anthem to a standing room only crowd.  


Stop by to see us in booth #208. We’d love to see you. 

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NextGen Mandate Timeline & Cost Benefit Analysis

Posted by Kate Dolan on Thu, Oct 16, 2014 @ 01:48 PM


Click below to download Duncan Aviation's NextGen Mandate Timeline.

NextGen is shorthand for the Next Generation Air Transportation System, and it’s all about tapping into the technology available in our digital age to make air travel and communications safer and more efficient. Shifting from a ground-based air-traffic system to a satellite-based system will give air-traffic controllers (ATCs) greater ability to track and communicate with aircraft.

Monitoring aircraft over land and sea will result in shorter, more direct routes (reducing fuel consumption and saving time) and fewer delays. When ATCs can see and communicate with all of the aircraft in their airspace, they can put the aircraft closer together so fewer aircraft will stack up on runways, awaiting takeoff.

When you consider the cost of upgrading your avionics equipment and are tempted to take advantage of the exemption, be sure to weigh the following factors. And keep in mind that you’ll usually be flying oversea routes at night.

Cost / Benefit Analysis

Without the upgrade, you will:

  • Fly outside the six, optimal tracks
  • Use more fuel per trip, increasing costs
  • Fly less safe routes—less situational awareness from flying crowded routes at night, relying solely on sight as opposed to ATC guidance
  • Experience flight delays—priority is given to aircraft that are in compliance

If you go with the upgrade, here are a few of the benefits—tangible and intangible:

  • Faster flight times—priority given to aircraft in compliance
  • Use one of the six North Atlantic tracks (NAT), increasing fuel efficiency and time
  • Enhanced safety with constant pings from ATC

NextGen Mandate Timeline

Transitioning the safety of the skies from ground-based tracking systems to satellite-based systems of air traffic control requires new standards and upgraded avionics equipment.Check our timeline to see what mandates may apply to your aircraft and when.

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Avionics NextGen Mandates: We Have You Covered

Posted by Diane Heiserman on Wed, Oct 15, 2014 @ 02:19 PM


Duncan Aviation's Avionics Satellite are located within 200nm of 90 percent of the 50 busiest general aviation airports in the United States.

In addition to your everyday and AOG avionics needs, they lead the industry for avionics installations to meet upcoming NextGen Mandates.

Featured Installs

  • APA/BJC - Gulfstream IV: Aircell Axxess II with Gogo Biz® Wi-Fi install

  • FXE - Broadband/Wi-Fi install on a charter fleet for flight in Caribbean

  • HOU/IAH - Duncan Aviation’s Wi-Fi STC for Learjet 45 aircraft was engineered in HOU on a customer’s fleet

  • MKC/SUS - Falcon 900B: Dual NZ-2000 6.1 software upgrade with WAAS/LPV in customer’s hangar

  • PDX - Global Express: First Inmarsat high speed data upgrade with Broadband/Wi-Fi router

  • STP - Installing USB power port installations on a fleet of eight aircraft

  • TEB/MMU - Falcon 2000: Broadband/Wi-Fi install

  • VNY/BUR - Boeing 727: Future Air Navigation System (FANS) compliance including: Flight Management System (FMS), Universal UniLink, Iridium phone, Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR), Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance (TCAS) 7.1, Cobham SwiftBroadband and transponder (TDR) upgrades to Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) DO260A

Avionics Satellite Directory


Duncan Aviation's Avionics Satellites are strategically based at more than 25 business airports across the United States. Each location is interdependent, sharing staff and resources to support customers anywhere they land, live or hangar their aricraft. 

Click on photo to the right to download your copy of the Duncan Aviation Satellite Directory. 

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NBAA 2014: It's All About the Relationship

Posted by Danielle Kavan on Thu, Oct 09, 2014 @ 09:54 AM

As the only family owned MRO with thousands of team members and a presence that spans the globe, what helps us stand out, what makes us different, what allows us to rise above the rest, is our people and the relationships they develop and maintain year after year.

That focus will be very apparent in booth #208 at the 2014 National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Meeting and Convention in Orlando, Florida.

Fall-Debrief-Cover_blogFrom left to right: Project Manager Gary Dunn stands with Chief of Maintenance Greg Hamelink and Avionics Team Lead Matt Collins in front of three aircraft they've worked on together at Duncan Aviation's BTL location.

Why do relationships matter? Don’t all customers want the cheapest price and the fastest turntimes? Sometimes, yes. But when it comes to the jet your family, friends and co-workers fly on, you want a trustworthy individual you can call anytime about anything. You want to work with a place that values their team members, creates a sense of community and leaves a lasting impression.

Our customers demand a company that lends a hand to others instead of looking only at the bottom line. We want to convey that we value your needs as if they were our own. Customers aren’t just a number. They become part of our family.

Those relationships are the reason why our tech reps spend a holiday with their customers after helping them out of an AOG situation. They’re also why our project managers plan family vacations with customer reps and road bike together on the weekend when their jet is in one of our many hangars.

Those relationships extend beyond the one-on-one interaction. Teams who work with OEMs and others in the industry develop new products and improve existing ones because that collaboration and trust was built alongside a friendship.

So, this year at NBAA, we’ve opted not to build a brand new booth. Instead, we offer a comfortable place to sit and the opportunity to talk to our most valuable assets: our people.

Come, cultivate a new relationship and see why Duncan Aviation is an experience, unlike any other.

For more information, visit Duncan Aviation at booth #208 at NBAA 2014 held Oct. 21-23 in Orlando, or watch for announcements at

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Duncan Aviation Parts Team Connects with 82 Countries

Posted by Duncan Download Blog on Tue, Oct 07, 2014 @ 11:21 AM

Duncan Aviation Parts Chat

How can we best reach our customers all around the globe at any hour? Via online chat, of course.

Earlier this year,  the Duncan Aviation Parts and Rotables Sales team launched live online chat support, and their team has already connected with thousands of customers in 82 countries—instantly.

“Customers seeking parts and rotables sales information can talk to a real person, at any time and get immediate answers to their questions, such as stock quantities, pricing and availability,” explains Parts and Rotables Sales Manager Chris Gress. “They don’t have to pick up the phone or send an email. It has been a great tool.”

Email can take minutes or even hours to get a response and phone calls can be expensive for international customers, but Live Chat is an instant message window, providing that immediate response customers demand.

The Live Chat button is visible on all Parts and Rotables pages when a representative is available.

Duncan Aviation’s team has connected with the following countries:

Albania Ecuador Malta Russian Federation Venezuela
Argentina Egypt Mexico Rwanda Vietnam
Australia El Salvador Republic of Moldova Saudi Arabia  
Austria France Namibia Singapore  
Bahrain French Polynesia Nepal South Africa  
Bangladesh Gabon Netherlands South Korea  
Belgium Germany New Caledonia Spain  
Belize Greece New Zealand Sri Lanka  
Bolivia Guatemala Nicaragua Suriname  
Bulgaria India Pakistan Switzerland  
Canada Indonesia Panama Taiwan  
Chile Israel Paraguay Tonga  
China Italy Peru Turkey  
Columbia Japan Philippines Uganda  
Costa Rica Kazakhstan Poland Ukraine  
Croatia Kenya Portugal United Arab Emirates  
Czech Republic Lithuania Puerto Rico United Kingdom  
Denmark Luxembourg Qatar United States  

Read more about Duncan Aviation Parts Chat window in the 2014 Fall Duncan Debrief. 


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